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Expressions Gallery Arts and Educational Center

Expressions Gallery Arts and Educational Center is a 501 (C) (3) non profit corporation. We offer workshops, seminars and classes to artists, kids and adults. For more information go to our website at: or contact our Educational Coordinator: Marge Essel at 510-548-2617 You can also call the gallery at 510-644-4930 and leave a message.

You can support the ed center by giving a tax deductible donation or by shopping for things you need on line at All funds from this source go to support the educational center.

Artists - Call for Entries

Enter Future Shows

Artists who wish to exhibit are encouraged to contact the Gallery Director: Rinna B. Flohr at .

Expressions Gallery accepts fine arts including the following: paintings, monotypes and other numbered prints printed on archival paper, photography, film on DVDs, original digital art, jewelry, crafts, fiber arts, ceramics, glassware and other crafts. In addition, there is an outdoor sculpture garden that can accept larger bronze and other metal, stone, concrete, mosaic and other weather tolerant sculptures.  We also accept floral art. We have taken the lead from the Legion of Honor and De Young Museums in San Francisco, Bouquet to Arts shows to incorporate Floral Art as an art form and a regular part of the on-going shows. Floral Artists are encouraged to submit pieces for viewing and sale and be part of special floral art juried shows. We also encourage musicians and poets to showcase their music and poetry at Expressions events and openings or to create an event of their own.


Upcoming Shows 2015/2016

If interested in submitting work, send an e-mail with a 72 dpi jpg 6” on longest side image attached. Be sure to submit with artwork title, dimensions, medium and the name of the show you are entering and attach a link to your website if you have one. If you do not have a website, consider taking a page on (our site for selling artwork on line).

Life with Pets and Animals
April 16-July 8th, 2016
Entry deadline: March 5th, 2016
Drop off: April 9th, 2016
Pick-up: July 9th, 2016

10 year Anniversary Show- Retrospective Looking Back
July 16-October 14th, 2016
Entry deadline: June 4th, 2016
Drop off: July 9th, 2016
Pick-up: October 15th, 2016

Looking Forward with Millennials and Generation Y
October 22-Jan 27th, 2017
Entry deadline: September 16th, 2016
Drop off: October 15th, 2016
Pick-up: January 28th, 2017


Submission Requirements:

Please submit your art as jpgs of 72 dpi (600px minimum) size by e-mail for initial review, please attach no more than 3 jpegs per e-mail. Include titles, dimensions and medium of each piece, your prices, bio, artist's statement, your contact information and phone numbers and link to a website (if you have one).

Any 2D or 3D art, jewelry, ceramics, glassware, crafts, fiber arts, film or music or floral art is considered that fit the show theme and is executed with a high quality of artistic, technical and creative skills. After initial screening on line, you will be asked to bring in your work to better judge the quality of the art and its readiness for hanging.


Submission of artwork to be hung: Entry Form
All art submitted for hanging must be dry, have wire on back that is mounted no more than 3” from the top for smaller works and no more than 5” from the top for larger works. You must leave a one inch margin when the wire is stretched tight from the wire to the top of the work in order to hide the hook. The gallery has a professional hanging system.


Submissions of crafts: Entry Form
Accepted as crafts are crafts such as jewelry, fiber arts, free standing assemblage, painted or printed silk items, knitted items, small quilts, handmade bags and purses, ceramics, hand blown glass, mosaic, handmade dolls and other toys, robotics, light sculpture, etc. These works must be well crafted, no glue showing, safe to handle and must be labeled with tag with artist name, title of work and price.  Tapestries must be able to be hung on hooks and this can be accomplished in several ways. You may thread a wire through the end of a stick that runs through a sewn pocket at the top of the tapestry, you may sew some button holes or hangers onto the rear of the tapestry on both sides or you may mount the tapestry top to a board or backing that has a wire mounted on it 3 “ from the top.


Submission of Cards: Entry Form
There are some card racks that can accept cards up to 5 ½ inches wide on one edge and up to 7” on the other. They cannot be smaller than 4” x 5” or they will either fall through the metal rack or be hidden in the slot. You may submit smaller items but they should be in larger clear cellophane envelopes.  All cards should include the envelope and both should be placed in a clear cellophane wrapper. A small sticker should be placed on the back right hand bottom of the card that includes the price. The artist name should appear on the back. All work that appears on the card must be the artist’s original art work. Handmade cards are desirable.    


Submission of film art: Entry Form

Independent films are accepted only on + R DVDs. They should incorporate a loop for continuous play and films should be formatted for
large screen TV and be able to be opened with Program.


Submission of Sculpture: Entry Form

The galley accepts both small to medium indoor sculpture and larger outdoor sculpture. There is a small sculpture garden at Expressions.
Indoor sculpture will be place on pedestals or shelves. Covers for the pedestals are clear plastic and are 2 feet tall. Pedestals are varying in size. Please specify size of base of your sculpture and height on the receiving form.  Large sculptures for the garden may be shown on concrete patios or raised pedestals. There are electric outlets for sculptures that have water features or moving parts. All outdoor sculpture must be attached to a base with a large eye hook that allows a large chain to be attached to secure it from theft. Chain requires an opening of 1 ½ inches. Outdoor sculpture must be weather tolerant.


Submission of Floral Arts: Entry Form

Floral art must express the theme of the show, be well balanced, devoid of insects, and if live, must be maintained by the artist at least twice a week.  Floral art is accepted in the following categories:

  1. Live flowers
  2. Silk
  3. Dried Flowers
  4. Plant combinations
  5. Mixed Media

Do not include more than three jpgs per e-mail and preferably they should be 72 dpi and send to . Include your bio and a statement or drawing of what you plan to do. You are invited to come to the gallery to see the work that will be hung the Saturday before the show opens. That will give you a week to decide which paintings or art you wish to depict "a la tradition of the Bouquets to Art Shows" presented each year in the SF Museums. You may also just enter a design that expresses the overall theme. We will display live flowers for a week each during the shows. You are expected to tend to their care and maintenance. There can be several opportunities each show to display since the show runs more than a week. Please complete the entry form.


Detailed Submission Instructions: Read Instructions

Once your work is accepted you are asked for the following:

  1. Your biography and artist statement in a specific format described below
  2. Artwork Labels
  3. Your mailing labels of guests you want to invite to the show


Expressions Gallery seeks to collaborate with various, local, state and national community groups to help bring awareness to the community on various issues about which the Gallery has a selected show.



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