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Expressions Gallery Arts and Educational Center

Expressions Gallery Arts and Educational Center is a 501 (C) (3) non profit corporation. We offer workshops, seminars and classes to artists, kids and adults. For more information go to our website at: or contact our Educational Coordinator: Marge Essel at 510-548-2617 You can also call the gallery at 510-644-4930 and leave a message.

You can support the ed center by giving a tax deductible donation or by shopping for things you need on line at All funds from this source go to support the educational center.

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Workshops & Classes - Adults

Expressions Gallery Artists offer private and group instruction. Please contact or Marge Essel our Education Coordinator at 510- 548-2617 to arrange Private or Group Lessons with a specific artist at our gallery.

Expressions’s Artists also offers off-site classes as part of after school programs, church or camp programs and senior centers. If you would like to contract with Expressions for classes off-site, contact Rinna Flohr, Gallery Director, 510-644-4930 or .   

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Instructor: Roberta Loach

In four Wednesdays, from 12 – 5 PM you will learn the following techniques for Printmaking: soft and multiple ground, Chine Colle, multiple plates and color registering and also a technique for water based mono printing.  All of these begin with a sketch of your work that you would like to put on a zinc plate. Don’t miss this absolutely wonderful chance to learn these techniques.

Fee: $175 for four weeks of classes.
Class is held at the print studio of the instructor in Kensington.


Instructor: Marge Essel

This class is designed to teach you how to draw using pencil, colored pencil and a variety of mediums. You will also learn the basic techniques for painting in watercolors.

Fee is $120.00 for 4 classes
Wednesdays - 6:00-7:30 P.M. or Sunday 1:00- 2:30 P.M. at the Expressions Gallery.


Instructor: Marge & Jessica Essel

Students will learn to draw & paint using a variety of mediums. They may even create a line of cards or exhibit their work .

This class meets for 4 Thursdays from 6:30- 8:00 PM


Instructor: Elizabeth Wendt

In two hours you can complete a small hand bound book. It can be used as a journal or sketch book.

One Saturday TBD 2-4PM
Fee: $40.



Expressions Gallery has taken the lead from the San Francisco Museums (The Legion of Honor and the new De Young Museumwith their Bouquet to Arts shows every year) to recognize and incorporate floral art as an art form. We offer a regular exhibit of floral art that relates to the themes of the shows and/or expresses or interprets in floral arrangements of dried, silk, fresh flowers or mixed plants or combination of all the artwork displayed. Accordingly, we offer classes in floral design by noted floral artists.



Education Coordinator: Marge Essel 510- 548-2617


Please sign up in advance for all classes to assure you will have a seat!



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