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2035 Ashby Ave. Berkeley, California, 94703

Artists - Call for Entries - Detailed Submission Instructions:

Upon Selection

Congratulations, if your artwork has been accepted. Please complete the following and according to the submission guidelines below for the appropriate type of artwork you are presenting. E-mail all back to expressionsgallery@msn.com.

1. Your Bio: Your bio should be typed using the following format:

  1. First two sentences include your name, where you live, your education and training in art or if self taught, how you became interested in art.
  2. Next paragraph describes your art medium, what you are trying to express with your work.
  3. Next few sentences describe where you have shown, any awards or recognitions, major sales or displays.

2. Artwork Labels: Click here to complete the artwork label template.

  1. Format them as follows: Center your entry and enter the name of your piece, then under it-- your name, then under that the medium, next line the size or dimensions (height x width x depth), and last line the price.
  2. Use times new roman type at 11 pts.
  3. E-mail these labels to expressionsgallery@msn.com

3. Mailing Labels: submit mailing labels for guests you wish to invite to see the show.

  1. Make sure that you type far enough in from the edges to not have the address or name cut off when the labels are removed from the template.
  2. E-mail completed label template to expressionsgallery@msn.com