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Artist Biographies -
All Heart
February 10, 2007 – March 9, 2007

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Lili Artel


Lili Artel was a late bloomer starting her art work in her fifties. She didn’t obtain her art education until long after an A.B. in English from Hunter College in New York City and a M.A. from San Jose State University, San Jose, California in Librarianship.  Her art studies were received at California State University, Hayward, CA.  She received her Fine Arts credential in 1972.  Her primary focus in art school was in sculpture --ceramic, direct metal, cast metal (bronze), wood and stone carving. Lili uses primarily non-art materials, rope, all kinds of paper, nylon hose, hair, fur, leather, feather and found objects to create her work.  She uses craft/ textile techniques (embroidery stitching, knitting, knotting, wrapping and weaving often distorted and transformed to achieve textures. She calls in “needle drawing”.  Lili describes herself as a process artist who creates through curiousity and play.  “What if I tear rather than cut? What if I unbraid the rope or yarn? What if I glue two pieces of paper together and then pull them apart? Play enters into my work in that I do not start out with a blueprint.  My hands and the materials do  a dance and chance plays a part in the process.”



Bart Borland


Bart Borland lives in Oakland, Ca.. Born in New York, he was influenced by his parents in his choice of careers. His mother was an artist and his father a scientist and businessman. Bart studied Chemistry as his major and took art classes on the side. In 1967, he moved to the Haight-Ashbury and by 1969, he had a one-man show that was reviewed by Thomas Albright in the SF Chronicle and was described as “hallucinations that follow the tradition of psychedelic posters” and his work was compared by Albright to “Rauschenberg’s silk screens”. His work was loaned to the SFMOMA and he was represented at theVorpal Gallery during this period. He gave up art while raising a family and returned four years ago when he discovered digital art. The digital medium opened a door and gave him powerful new tools to create art. He states: “This medium is revolutionizing art in America. It enables fantastic composition of patterns, shapes, colors and images inviting the viewer to closer inspection. Photographs are inset among amorphous shapes to give the impression of looking through one reality to another.” Bart seems to embrace the changing times and take an enthusiastic lead in exploring new art tools and creating new art forms that express the times.



Nancy Calef


Nancy Calef was born in Bronx, New York, went to Bronx High School of Science and received a scholarship from the College of New Rochelle to study painting and sculpture. In 1977, she moved to San Francisco. She has lived abroad and traveled extensively in Europe, Thailand throughout the U.S., Mexico, Central America, Southeast Asia, India and Nepal,. She paints society from her imagination, juxtaposing characters in ordinary situations and tackling difficult issues using humor and adding the third dimension (sculpture and found objects on canvas).  Her work has been exhibited in various shows and has drawn various comments: "When I first saw Nancy Calef's paintings I thought, 'Now here's an original idea.' As a traditional, old workhorse I don't have much use for and don't believe in classifying contemporary art. I do think a picture should say something and Nancy's subject matter and palette express a view of the world beyond her years."Jack Levine-- former President of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.  "Nancy Calef creates "peoplescapes." With a nod to Richard Lindner, a glance toward Red Grooms and a wink at Jack Levine, Calef respects traditional artistic roots when she breaks the plane of the canvas with sculpture and found objects. Calef's satiric eye views the planet from a unique perspective. The journey that began in the Bronx,  was nurtured in the Far East and flourishes in North Beach, has influenced her style, exposing society's foibles with humor - a thread of tolerance in this complicated world. "  George Krevsky-- Owner, George Krevsky Gallery, San Francisco, CA.   “Her Peoplescapes are a must-see!" Nicole Meoli -- Where Magazine.  “Now, this is art with an attitude!” Former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown.



Elizbeth Dante

Elizbeth Dante is an artisan who is highly skilled in all aspects of casting and carving, She works in numerous media; notably bronze, and other materials such as cast stone,aluminum, resin, concrete, and carved marble.  While a gemologist living and traveling in Brazil, Panama and Southeast Asia, Ms. Dante attained an affinity for the Third World.  This ever-present influence has provided Elizabeth with stylistic inspiration for her work ranging from classical naturalism to stylistic narration.  Much of her sculpture explores the dynamics between round organic forms and hard rigid angles.  By exaggerating this interplay, her work creates a sense of tension which is both lively and sensual. Ms. Dante has said that her work combines ancient and modern rituals, extracting archetypes and stylized motifs.”I pay homage to the many facets of the human spirit, characterized by warmth, humor and sometimes political commentary.” Although she utilizes an academic background that includes the Gemological Institute of America, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the College of Marin, Ms. Dante remains essentially self-taught.  She has honed her craft by working for established sculptors, most notably Elio Benvenuto.  While an artist assistant to German artist Toni Bruchert in Pietra Santa,Italy, Ms. Dante learned traditional techniques and methods for sculpting/enlarging and casting/finishing bronze; patinas; and marble carving.  Most recently as a patina artisan, Ms. Dante has  worked with Bay Area Artists Steven DeStaebler, Bruce Beasley, and Ruth Asawa.  Ms. Dante has exhibited in numerous shows in the United States and Italy.  Her outstanding works have been showcased in collaborative efforts such as “Art on the Rock at Alcatraz”, and “The Day of the Dead” Exhibition at The Museum of Mexican Art.  In 1990, she received the prestigious Art of Peace Award from the Artist Embassy International for her sculpture Woman's Liberation, which was chosen by the Oakland Art Commission as a gift to Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa.



Barbara de Groot


Barbara de Groot started her artistic interests when she was in grade school. By the time she was a teenager and had devoured the book Lust For Life, a biography about Vincent van Gough given to her by her nanny the dye was cast. She was drawing whenever the opportunity arose. In her early High school years she drew and painted from live models at the Brooklyn Museum Art School with Isaac Soyer, one of three brothers who worked with figurative imagery. She also was fortunate to study in High school with very talented and comprehensive artist/instructors. Much later in Berkeley, CA she joined a group of artists and drew weekly from live models for about 12 years. Barbara de Groot  is a local Berkeley Artist and teacher of art who works in various types of media such as monotypes;  Chine Colle with other media; Wood Block prints; Linoleum Block prints; Mixed Media Collage, as shown here;  Drypoint ;Transfer Methods; painting and drawing.  She was an Art Major in Hunter College in New York, where she learned basic printmaking under noted printmaker, Gabor Peterdi and later attended Academie Goetz in Paris, France where she learned many of her specialized printmaking skills.  Her work is in many private collections and has appeared in many exhibits in various galleries here and abroad and is archived in the Women’s Museum in Washington, DC and in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.



Rinna B. Flohr


Rinna B. Flohr is an interior architect and designer who also is a floral designer and makes jewelry.  Her jewelry consists of bracelets, pendants and earrings that she calls “sculpture for the ear”.  Rinna believes that in a world where we have become so mobile and where we no longer have offices but cubicles, that walls have disappeared and that our bodies have once again become the pedestals for art as in times long ago when we wandered as nomads and wore our trophies and precious adornments.  She is also a floral designer and has had her floral designs exhibited in the Legion of Honor Museum and as part of the San Francisco De Young ‘Museum’s Bouquets to Art show.    Her floral art for this show uses silk flowers in arrangements she makes to compliment and express the artwork next to which it is placed,  as  in the San Francisco Bouquet to Arts Show .  This is one of the only galleries that features floral arts.  Her work is on display as part of Abundance and Joy. Rinna is also the founder and Director of Expressions Gallery. More of her earrings and floral art can be seen on her website:



Devon Gaster


Devon Gaster lives in San Francisco and is a florist and floral design instructor with 26 years experience in the Floral industry. He had his own retail floral store for 13 years and taught floral design classes in Hawaii and in San Francisco. For the last two years, he has been teaching classes at the San Francisco Flower Market. Devon Gaster presents his interpretation of Abundance and Joy as part of this current Expressions Gallery show. He will also be doing some demonstrations and classes at the Gallery and will Jury a couple of floral artists, student and public entrant floral art shows and contests during the run of the show. Expressions Gallery is proud to take the lead from the San Francisco Museums who have brought us the Bouquet to Arts Shows at the Legion of Honor and De Young Museums over the years and feature floral arts as another regular art form offered for viewing and sale in its Gallery and as part of its educational program.



Paul Graf


Paul Graf  has a BFA degree from CCA and is currently a member of the Sculpture Faculty at the Academy of Art University in SF, as well as a yearly guest instructor at the Mendocino Art Center. He was originally from Maryland. He presents “sculptural paintings” that reflect his approach to the interface between 2 & 3 dimensional art through the raised textures that are the graphic results. In different lightings and viewed from different angles, many aspects of the image come forward or recede as you move about.



Andrew Greene


Andrew Greene was born September 17th 1982 in Tarzana, CA and raised in a small-town outside of Los Angeles.  He has been living in San Francisco for the past two years where, he has and still is attending the San Francisco Art Institute as a Painting Major.  His Latest body of work deals with the fluidity of paint and its direct correlation to water.  His paintings are created by combining numerous types of paint on the same surface all in liquid form.  By doing this, chemical reactions start to occur and the paint takes form to the surface: Moving, searching, and finally finding its resting place.  After each piece is finished, it is still alive for a period of 24-100 hours depending on the surface and the amount of paint used. The paintings are done in a state of mind that is regurgitating feelings of every thing from complete and utter sadness to pure ecstasy and joy.  The artist has learned over time how the various chemicals react to each other and now guides the process to better express the result he wants. The end result is a painting, which leaves you free to roam, and full of questions. The rules of painting are being broken as represented in each individual piece of art.  Andrew hopes to continue pushing not only the boundaries of art but also the boundaries of life.



Sofia Harrison


Sofia Harrison is self-taught, she started creating artwork in 1999 and since then has participated in numerous gallery and juried exhibitions in the bay area, with selected shows in New York. She lives and works in Napa and has been commissioned by clients across the country. Sofia uses glass and words with an entirely fresh perspective to create a mixed-media piece that is visually pleasing, intelligent and soulful. "I gather words in much the same manner as a painter mixes paints," she explains.  Magazine advertisements are her favorite source for words and phrases: "When taken out of context, they become either particularly funny or especially poignant." Her work embodies the collective thought patterns of our society: fractured but connected, expressing individuality, desire, spirit and reason. She affixes the words to the hand cut glass pieces and then attaches them to mannequins, boxes, sash windows, baby dolls and furniture. The framework chosen is often dictated by what she can, to put it plainly, garbage-pick. "I was driving in Berkeley and spotted an old stool half buried in tall grass in a vacant lot. I almost caused an accident by making a b-line to nab it." Now encrusted with verbiage, the work is entitled Tossed in Berkeley. "I love the process of reincarnation."



Patti Heimburger


Patti Heimburger was born in Long Beach, California, and she earned a BA in Studio Art from the University of California in Santa Barbara. She also attended classes and workshops in the states of Washington and California. Ms. Heimburger lived in Seattle, Washington for fifteen years, and currently lives in Alameda, (the Bay Area), California.

Ms. Heimburger is an artist who creates textured oil paintings. The texture is created through fabric that is then attached to a canvas surface. These textured surfaces have no reference to the subject matter other than adding complexity.  Ms. Heimburger has had solo showings in Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, and Monterey; and group shows in San Francisco, Carmel, Mill Valley, Fremont, Palo Alto, Belmont, Point Reyes, Ross, San Leandro, Berkeley, Danville, Stockton, Folson, Hayward, Pleasanton, Danville, Sausalito, Sebastopol, San Juan Bautista, and Santa Barbara, (all these cities are in California); and then in the cities of Edmond, Kent and Bainbridge Island that are in Washington State. She has had exhibitions at universities, colleges, Oakland Museum, and art centers throughout the Bay Area, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Modesto, and Oregon. Union Bank in Fremont, California owns five paintings; and private collections in the Bay Area, southern California, Washington, Ohio, Florida, Hawaii, and Mexico. Ms. Heimburger’s first painting class was at the age of thirteen, the French Impressionist style was introduced by her teacher. After graduating from UCSB, she moved to the Bay Area and started developing her own art style. In 1987, the first three-dimensional painting was created; sculpture was introduced in 1990 as a further extension of the relief paintings. For over forty years, Ms. Heimburger has painted still life, landscape, seascape, and gradually more figurative paintings. In the past nineteen years, she has focused on figurative subject matters, and sometimes landscape and seascape paintings. These paintings have evolved into different themes and are always changing. The paintings are usually narrative with vague titles which give little clues, so the viewer can fill-in the story. Some of the paintings are of men and women in different settings, can incorporate dance in someway, whether with just one person or a couple, sometimes pets are incorporated, nature, and the like. In all these paintings Ms. Heimburger is trying to create what she desires, such as showing strength in the ordinary, beauty, tranquility, reverence for nature, and the illusion of a timeless quality.



Amarie Hill


Amarie Hill is a native Californian, born and raised in Los Angeles.  She lives north of Los Angeles in Canyon Country.  By day, she is a Business/Financial Analyst working at a major utility company. Her artistic career started over 30 years ago as a quilt maker.  Four years ago, she went to a scrap booking store with a colleague. She states:  “That hour changed my life forever.”  She works mostly on canvas and watercolor paper with acrylic paint, pastels and wax. Her work always tells a story…sometimes her own, sometimes someone else’s.  Amarie has been published in several art magazines and has several pieces in permanent collections in the USA.  She participates in an annual international collage exhibit from New Zealand and has a virtual exhibit that begins March 1, 2007 on  “Old Love Rusts Not” signifies that those we love as children always remain in our hearts forever.



Melanie Hofmann


Melanie Hofmann graduated with a BFA in Textiles from the California College of the Arts in 1996. Her home and studio are located in Berkeley.  She first explored the joy of creating art in pre-school and she has not stopped since.  As a teenager Melanie fell in love with fiber art,  specifically with weaving and dyeing fabrics. Three of her recent printed and dyed fabric pieces are in this show.  Melanie has received awards from the Taegu International Textile Design competition and from Manhattan Arts International.  Limited edition prints of her digital art are in the corporate collection of Lifescan, Inc. in Milpitas. This year, Melanie had a solo exhibition of textiles in the corporate lobby of 255 California Street in San Francisco. Melanie works with both textile and digital media. Her digital work primarily takes the form of limited edition prints, digital video and projected art for theatre and custom designed bracelets. Her work has been inspired by a number of artists including, Jean Miro, Rene Magritte and Magdalena Abakanowicz. She was also influenced by the artwork of her maternal grandmother, Zura Young, an abstract painter. Melanie seeks to convey through her work the interactive process with her media and a visual representation of her inner world.  She offers custom designed Italian charm bracelets with digital images of family or other photos incorporated, as well as bracelets featuring her art and the art by other artists in the show.



Luitgard Ilg


Luitgard Ilg was born and raised in Oberwolfach, in the middle of the black forest in Germany. She is in Berkeley with her husband who is teaching at UC Berkeley. Her interest in art stems from her love of nature. Her first activities in art were beautiful flower arrangements. Later, she started to paint on eggs, mainly flower motifs. At the beginning she used acrylic, but soon she began to experiment with watercolors on paper. She attended numerous courses by well-established artists in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, amongst them Bernhard Vogel. All these artists influenced her style, which is basically naturalistic, but often with a little change to create an artistic expression. Most motifs are taken from nature. The work she is presenting in the show were inspired by here recent visit to Central Park in New York, where the fascinating abundance of colors inspired her. She combined this with grapes from the vineyards of California during her visit to California and entered her work as her interpretation of Abundance and Joy.



Kristin Lamb


Kristin Lamb started producing and studying art in high school.  She became interested in mural painting in 1996 and she painted her first mural that same year.  Kristin graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from California Polytechnic State University in 2004.  While in college she extensively studied painting and drawing, although she also had a chance to learn about graphic design, ceramics, glassblowing, photography, costume construction and jewelry design.  Her work usually consists of a combination of several mediums and has been described as surreal fantasy-scapes.  Kristin had the unique opportunity to study textile conservation at Hearst Castle during her senior year in college, during the course of the internship she fell in love with textiles and her most recent work reflects her passion for the medium. In this show, Kristin offers us  what she calls  “Plushies” which are soft sculpture bringing to “All Heart” cuddly creatures part of childhood joy. Kristin currently works as a Product Development Coordinator for Bentley Art Publishing Co. and as the Expressions Gallery Coordinator.



Rafael Landea


Rafael Landea is a local Bay Area Artist who came to the United States from Argentina. His works are exhibited and admired in galleries around the world.  He captures the movement and energy of dance in a number of his series of
paintings:  In the high wire acts of “The Argentinas ”  in the romantic close-up of “Arms” , in the embrace of the couple seen through their windows in “ Rear Window ”, and in the picture of the couple practicing the “Tango”.  Much of
Rafael’s work relates to the theatre in which he has been active as an artist. 



Sandra Lo


Sandra Lo was born in China. She grew up in China and Hong Kong and immigrated to the US in 1989. She started learning drawing at a very young age. Her father, William S. Hung a famous oil painter, has been her teacher. Sandra took some workshops, figure drawing and painting classes but other than that, she is mostly self-taught.  She is following in her father’s footsteps, and has become an accomplished painter who works primarily in oil and pastels. Sandra has a full time job in another field but still finds time to paint on lunch hours, evenings and weekends.  She is a member of San Francisco Women Artists and her paintings are exhibited at SFWA Gallery in San Francisco, every month.



Jennifer Wallace Mack


Jennifer Wallace Mack has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute.   She works in various media: painting, photography, mixed media, and jewelry. Her work is consistent in the quality and detail in each medium she applies.  She has exhibited at a number of solo,  and group shows, many of which were juried.  Shown at Expressions Gallery are her mixed media paintings and her magnificent jewelry.   Jennifer has served on various Board of Directors for long standing Artist Organizations such as the San Francisco Women Artists where she was a past President and continues n the current Board as Vice Treasurer and The San Francisco Gem and Mineral organization where she is currently Treasurer. 



Judith Mangiameli


Judith Mangiameli lives in Orange County, Ca..She has taken a variety of art classes throughout the years. She specializes in mixed media / assemblage work and often enjoys incorporating found objects into her pieces.  She has exhibited works in non-juried and juried exhibits in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  Her pieces have also been in various publications including Observation, Gallery and Somerset Studio Magazine.  Judith’s “Love Eternal” assemblage represents both the pain and the healing power of love.  This piece is on display in the “All Heart” exhibition at Expressions Gallery.



David Miller


David Miller has lived in the Bay Area for most of his life. His formal education and training was as an Engineer, but from age 6 he wanted to be an artist. “Grandpa told me I didn’t want to be an artist — artists smoked cigarettes and lived in attics. I should be an engineer instead and build bridges. So I became an engineer, and built electronic circuits.” But in high school, he took a correspondence class in art and when he finished engineering school he studied with the Berkeley and New York artist Joan Finton for a couple of years. However, for a while he gave up in frustration because he couldn’t reproduce what he saw on museum walls and tried to ignore his passion for art. He took some classes from Michelle Cassou who helped him learn to ignore the self-criticism when making art and returned to studying with Joan Finton as well as taking many other classes, wherever he could find them. Teachers who have influenced his work include Connie Smith-Siegel, Larry Robinson, Glenn Hirsch, and Jane Rosen.Current explorations include the landscapes of California. 



Teresa Moore


Teresa Moore is a Bay Area Artist who is self-taught. She paints mainly with her fingers. Moore creates an atmosphere of nightlife, good times, and fleeting romances.  Her images bring to life a world at once sensuous, sophisticated, sometimes sweet yet always alluring.  She is never one to shy away from her inner perceptions. Her works reach out beyond the canvas and inhabit an alcove in the viewer's spirit. Her work is described in San Francisco Socialite Magazine as a combination of the sensibilities of Federico Fellini and Tim Burton, which take us to places that seem oddly familiar, whose figures .....suggest the decadence of Weimar Germany and the sensuality of Modigliani. Ms. Moore¹s work has been showcased at exhibits in San Francisco, New York, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Spain, Italy, and Canada, and is owned by collectors around the globe.



Richard Mullinax


Richard Mullinax, BS Ornamental Horticulture, Clemson University, moved to Berkeley this fall after living in Durham, NC for the past decade.  Richard is an accidental artist who does outdoor stone and glass bottle art.  First, his career as a stone artist began when he designed and built a dry-stacked stone retaining wall around his Durham residence.   As neighbors and local residents watched Richard's weekend wall project grow, word of mouth about Richard's talent spread.  Soon the demand for his stonework led Richard to shift his career completely into stone design.   Recently his career veered again when he collaborated with a guerrilla political protest art group in Durham. Their temporary art installation called "Just Luv" in Durham Central Park drew media attention, compelling Richard to collaborate with the City of Durham on a public art policy for the parks system. As a pack rat, his art is effortlessly reuse. "Bottles casting colored shadows through the air shows that beauty is the dynamic nature of the space around art as much as the work itself." Much of his art changes as people are around it. They see it is simple and non-threatening and they add to it. The best joy for him has been to be in this unspoken community of creation.


Udi Peled


Udi Peled is a local artist whose work has been purchased for exhibit at the Berkeley Jazz School.  In addition,  his work adorns many a catalogue cover for UC Berkeley.  He has shown his art at various select galleries. Udi was born in Israel, and is now living permanently in the United States. Udi’s versatile works are a favorite amongst local art collectors. He is available for commissioned art works as well as the artworks  that are displayed at Expressions Gallery as part of the current show,  His heart throbs are wonderful additions to ALL HEART



Laura Rattay


Laura Rattay is a local artist. She is self taught as an artist. She only recently started to make unusual purses out of cardboard and images she assembles. She has sold her work to local clients and other artists. She has chosen to use whimsical, seasonal images of abundance and joy for the purses she made as part of this show at Expressions Gallery.



Diego Marcial Rios


Diego Marcial Rios lives in the Bay Area and paints in acrylics. He graduated with honors with an M.A. from the University of Wisconson at Madison, Department of Fine Arts Graduate School and  a B.F.A. from University of California at Berkeley. He received a number of honors scholarships for Academic study. His artwork illustrates many complex social-economic issues faced by contemporary society.  About his work he states: “I create art that is visually stimulating to gain initial viewer acceptance.  Once this is achieved, the viewer is confronted with ancient symbols of life and death.”  The figures and landscapes in the art are inspired by what I have experienced and later dreamed about. Diego’s work has been widely shown throughout the United States and Mexico and he is in a number of Museum Collections:The Auchenbach Foundation Collection at the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco, Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, Oregon; Laguna Beach Museum, Laguna Beach, Ca.; Museo National De La Estampa, Mexico City, Mexico, etc.. He has also illustrated a number of books and his work is part of a number of Public Collections: Harriet Taubman Gallery, MD; Mission Cultural Center, SF; The Collector Gallery of the Oakland Museum, Oakland, Ca.; Irish Arts Council, Belfast, Ireland and many more.  He has appeared as a speaker on Art and been interviewed on Television. His artwork has been included in many magazines.



Michele Rudenko


Michele Rudenko lives in Vallejo,  California and is a ceramic artist primarily working in the medium of American Raku.   Michele states:  “ After many year of expression through a variety of artistic media I found my true passion in ceramics, more specifically through the art of American Raku. I deeply appreciate the entire journey from its beginning as a quiet contemplative moment when I first press my hands into a mass of clay.   What follows entails the design and crafting of a piece, it’s burnishing, bisque, glazing and then completing with the Raku firing and post firing reduction phase.  My work grows and expands, subjected to a vast range of influences. I love pushing the limits of the clay, experimenting with and fabricating new glazes and firing techniques.  American Raku is a specific challenge. While I can and do plan for a particular outcome, the very nature of Raku often creates a result that is surprisingly different from my original vision resulting in the unique power of each piece. Raku is a marvelous lesson in non-attachment,  guiding me toward a deeper understanding of myself, the process and abundant possibility. 



Sandra (Sandy) Ruhl


Sandra (Sandy) Ruhl was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Educated as an RN, most recently she has worked in oncology and cardiology research.  About 10 years ago Sandy discovered photography helped her to see more of the world and gave her a good reason to be outside. Others, when viewing her photographs, said she had a “good eye.”  Sandy’s prints and slides have won awards in competitions at the Millbrae Camera Club, the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, the Mid-Peninsula Photographic Alliance, the San Mateo County Fair, and the San Francisco chapter of the Sierra Club.  Sandy has donated photographs to the Burlingame Public Library, the San Mateo County Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society and the San Mateo Sunrise Rotary Club.  She has taken slides for use by the Friends of Mills Canyon in educational presentations and has led two photography walks through the canyon.  Her prints have been on display at various San Mateo and Santa Clara county locations, including Filoli.  Sandy initially sought to record her impressions of natural beauty.  She now also seeks to capture “interesting” images wherever she finds them



Zona Sage


Zona Sage lives in Oakland, and has explored various art media throughout her life.  Recently she has begun exploring fiber sculpture, and is studying with Carol Beadle. “Tell Me Why” explores the challenges of communication in relationships.



Randall Sokoloff


Randall Sokoloff, is a self-taught artist who sees in color and thinks in shapes. He began painting while in high school where he received support from his then Zen mentor/art teacher who told him “forget art school and the debt that follows. Each day that you are alive try to paint, breathe and be happy.” The artist spent most of his six college years painting, writing and imagining a better world. After college, he decided to dedicate himself to a life of meditation, investigation and “playing with paint.” The particular style in which the artist now paints, came about by accident while reading the poems of Rumi. The technique involves using large amounts of acrylic paint to re-create what the artist imagines emotions, thoughts, physiological processes and objective reality may look like at the cellular level. After being deeply influenced by painters like Joan Miro, Vanessa Bell, Paul Klee, Francis Bacon, Ross Drago and Robert Motherwell- the artist likes to think of his work as mini-investigations into the nature of our fascinating and impermanent realities. For more information please visit



Jessica Stafford


Jessica Stafford was raised and currently lives in Sonoma County.  Jessica has been creative and enthralled with art as long as she can remember.  In May 2006, Jessica graduated San Diego State University with her BA in Painting and Printmaking and a minor in Art History. The mediums Jessica uses in her work are oil painting, and mixed media.  She is interested in examining ideas of gender and exploring ideas of femininity in her work.  Jessica has shown in group shows at San Diego State University and San Diego Art Institute.  Jessica has also had various solo shows in restaurants, cafes, banks, and salons throughout Petaluma and San Diego.  Jessica’s work fits into the theme of All Heart because she explored ideas of sex, love, obsession, and acceptance of one’s self. 



Jim Stipovich 


Jim Stipovich  is a photographer who lives in the Kensington, Ca. and works with medium format cameras (Hasselblad and Rolladex). He processes his own film by hand in his private darkroom.    Jim began photography at age 15. In high school he worked as a photojournalist for the Humbolt Times/ Standard in 1962, while also attending photography classes at Humbolt State College. From 1965-1970, Jim was an undergraduate a the University of California,  Berleley.  He studied photography under Margaret d’Hammer and Ruben Samberg, majoring in design Design/Photography.  He was Editor and Art Director of  The Pelican, an on campus magazine. Post college work included a fellowship at Anatoila College, in Thesolonika, Greece, and work as a freelance photographer and professional black and white darkroom technician. Jim creates vital, direct pictures of people and places that grab the eye of the viewer.  His ability to capture detail and definition with high resolution in low light situations is captivating.



Charles Webb


Charles Webb owns and operates a film, video and digital media production company in San Francisco. He has written, produced, directed, and photographed projects in the United States, Europe and China, that encompass diverse genres, including national TV commercials (Miller Beer, Buick, Wishbone, national political candidates, etc.); documentaries (The Black Panthers/”George Jackson Lives”, “The Grateful Dead Movie”, martial artists in the People’s Republic of China “China’s Living Treasures”, etc.); and nationally released independent features (“Honky-Tonk Nights”, “Head-On Collision”, “American Eyeball”). In parallel with these and other film and video projects, Mr. Webb  has created a collection of  neo-primitive/neo-shamanic paintings, sculpture, fetishes, jewelry and other artifacts, which seem to have “emerged” from an imaginal tribal culture.  The collection intertwines ancient materials (stones, bones, horns, skins, etc) and methods (painting, molding, cutting, etc.) with the synthetic and cyber (acrylic polymer paints and clay, digital scanning and image manipulation, archival large format ultrachrome printing, etc.). To date, this “evidence” has been exhibited in San Francisco, Berkeley and Sedona Arizona and pieces are included in several private collections.
Most recently Mr. Webb has combined these techniques with digitally produced displays based on iterations of complex numbers such as the Mandelbrot Set. In TAO OF CHAOS Katya Walter writes:" The baroque mandala of the Mandelbrot set has been called the most complex and universal number relationship in mathematics. It describes designs of infinite depth, using fractal geometry. At its core lies the Mandelbrot heart. This dark heart was discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1979 when he began to chart a pattern of awesome beauty within number itself…versions of the Mandelbrot set look like valentines edged in frothy lace. Each dark heart lies at the intersection of real and imaginary number…numbers with heart…they connect and hold the cosmos in synchrony. The loom of patterned chaos…  Mr. Webb holds a post-graduate degree in Psychobiology from the University of Pittsburgh with a specialty in sensation and perception and was a published researcher in this field before moving into media production.


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