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Artist Biographies -
New Beginnings
January 13, 2007 – February 3, 2007

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Lili Artel


Lili Artel was a late bloomer starting her art work in her fifties. She didn’t obtain her art education until long after an A.B. in English from Hunter College in New York City and a M.A. from San Jose State University, San Jose, California in Librarianship.  Her art studies were received at California State University, Hayward, CA.  She received her Fine Arts credential in 1972.  Her primary focus in art school was in sculpture --ceramic, direct metal, cast metal (bronze), wood and stone carving. Lili uses primarily non-art materials, rope, all kinds of paper, nylon hose, hair, fur, leather, feather and found objects to create her work.  She uses craft/ textile techniques (embroidery stitching, knitting, knotting, wrapping and weaving often distorted and transformed to achieve textures. She calls in “needle drawing”.  Lili describes herself as a process artist who creates through curiousity and play.  “What if I tear rather than cut? What if I unbraid the rope or yarn? What if I glue two pieces of paper together and then pull them apart? Play enters into my work in that I do not start out with a blueprint.  My hands and the materials do  a dance and chance plays a part in the process. ”



Bart Borland


Bart Borland lives in Oakland, Ca.. Born in New York, he was influenced by his parents in his choice of careers. His mother was an artist and his father a scientist and businessman. Bart studied Chemistry as his major and took art classes on the side. In 1967, he moved to the Haight-Ashbury and by 1969, he had a one-man show that was reviewed by Thomas Albright in the SF Chronicle and was described as “hallucinations that follow the tradition of psychedelic posters” and his work was compared by Albright to “Rauschenberg’s silk screens”. His work was loaned to the SFMOMA and he was represented at theVorpal Gallery during this period. He gave up art while raising a family and returned four years ago when he discovered digital art. The digital medium opened a door and gave him powerful new tools to create art. He states: “This medium is revolutionizing art in America. It enables fantastic composition of patterns, shapes, colors and images inviting the viewer to closer inspection. Photographs are inset among amorphous shapes to give the impression of looking through one reality to another.” Bart seems to embrace the changing times and take an enthusiastic lead in exploring new art tools and creating new art forms that express the times.



Helen Breger


Helen Breger currently lives in Berkeley, Ca.  She has a MFA and a long and varied career in the arts.  She spent many years as a fashion illustrator and artist at a time when illustration not fashion ruled the fashion world.  She also did sketches for the Chronical features on prominent poets and writers.  Later, she taught art as part of the faculty at UC Berkeley and California College of Arts where she taught for 27 years before retiring in 1987.  She is now 90 years old and still going strong making monoprints in a newer more abstract style which are on exhibit at Expressions Gallery.  “I love my work”, she says, “Working is not pure joy because sometimes it’s such a struggle.  But, I get from art a great solace, a solace that helps one get over the kinds of things that can happen in life,.”  Helen is a survivor of the holocaust in Germany.  She is one of the lucky ones. Of her mother’s 13 siblings who stayed behind, nine were exterminated by the Nazi’s.  Her story as recorded by the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, recalls having her body cavities searched by the German agents at the Dutch border on the train to Holland and being interned in a camp in Trinidad for five years. For Helen, here Art has given her the peace and solace to go on and find new beginnings and new hope despite huge obstacles and life experiences.



Judith Brownfield


Judith Brownfield was born in Tulsa, Oaklahoma where one of her favorite places was the  Philbrook Art Museum. She loved to draw and paint as a Child. She received a B.A. degree in English Literature from San Francisco State University where she also did her graduate work to earn a teaching credential.  She lived in California ever since, sharing her love of art and nature with her primary students. She began studying watercolor painting about 10 years ago with Annette Goldberg at the Richmond Art Center, Diablo Valley College, and Kala Institute in Berkeley.  She has also studied with Cinatra Harbach at Studio View in Richmond, and with Patrick Fanning at several workshops in Costa Rica.  Her work has been exhibited at the Fig Tree Gallery and at the Nexus Gallery in Berkeley, the Richmond Art Center, the Taft Street Winery in Sebastopol and several local restaurants.  Watercolor is her favorite medium. She loves the way the paint moves on the paper creating beautiful surprises. She states: “ Watercolor painting is a perfect metaphor for life. You need a plan, but you also need to be flexible and able to appreciate the unexpected.  Things rarely, if ever, turn out exactly as envisioned.”



Nancy Calef


Nancy Calef was born in Bronx, New York, went to Bronx High School of Science and received a scholarship from the College of New Rochelle to study painting and sculpture. In 1977, she moved to San Francisco. She has lived abroad and traveled extensively in Europe, Thailand throughout the U.S., Mexico, Central America, Southeast Asia, India and Nepal,. She paints society from her imagination, juxtaposing characters in ordinary situations and tackling difficult issues using humor and adding the third dimension (sculpture and found objects on canvas).  Her work has been exhibited in various shows and has drawn various comments: "When I first saw Nancy Calef's paintings I thought, 'Now here's an original idea.' As a traditional, old workhorse I don't have much use for and don't believe in classifying contemporary art. I do think a picture should say something and Nancy's subject matter and palette express a view of the world beyond her years."Jack Levine-- former President of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.  "Nancy Calef creates "peoplescapes." With a nod to Richard Lindner, a glance toward Red Grooms and a wink at Jack Levine, Calef respects traditional artistic roots when she breaks the plane of the canvas with sculpture and found objects. Calef's satiric eye views the planet from a unique perspective. The journey that began in the Bronx,  was nurtured in the Far East and flourishes in North Beach, has influenced her style, exposing society's foibles with humor - a thread of tolerance in this complicated world. "  George Krevsky-- Owner, George Krevsky Gallery, San Francisco, CA.   “Her Peoplescapes are a must-see!" Nicole Meoli -- Where Magazine.  “Now, this is art with an attitude!” Former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown.



Elizbeth Dante

Elizbeth Dante is an artisan who is highly skilled in all aspects of casting and carving, She works in numerous media; notably bronze, and other materials such as cast stone,aluminum, resin, concrete, and carved marble.  While a gemologist living and traveling in Brazil, Panama and Southeast Asia, Ms. Dante attained an affinity for the Third World.  This ever-present influence has provided Elizabeth with stylistic inspiration for her work ranging from classical naturalism to stylistic narration.  Much of her sculpture explores the dynamics between round organic forms and hard rigid angles.  By exaggerating this interplay, her work creates a sense of tension which is both lively and sensual. Ms. Dante has said that her work combines ancient and modern rituals, extracting archetypes and stylized motifs.”I pay homage to the many facets of the human spirit, characterized by warmth, humor and sometimes political commentary.” Although she utilizes an academic background that includes the Gemological Institute of America, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the College of Marin, Ms. Dante remains essentially self-taught.  She has honed her craft by working for established sculptors, most notably Elio Benvenuto.  While an artist assistant to German artist Toni Bruchert in Pietra Santa,Italy, Ms. Dante learned traditional techniques and methods for sculpting/enlarging and casting/finishing bronze; patinas; and marble carving.  Most recently as a patina artisan, Ms. Dante has  worked with Bay Area Artists Steven DeStaebler, Bruce Beasley, and Ruth Asawa.  Ms. Dante has exhibited in numerous shows in the United States and Italy.  Her outstanding works have been showcased in collaborative efforts such as “Art on the Rock at Alcatraz”, and “The Day of the Dead” Exhibition at The Museum of Mexican Art.  In 1990, she received the prestigious Art of Peace Award from the Artist Embassy International for her sculpture Woman's Liberation, which was chosen by the Oakland Art Commission as a gift to Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa.



Ella Driscoll


Ella Driscoll is a native San Franciscan. She attended the University of California, Berkeley and graduated with a B.S. degree in Public Health. For many years she worked as a medical technologist in bay area hospitals and clinics.  Regarding her formal art training, she studied art at Berkeley Evening High School,  City College of San  Francisco, and with Richard Yip , watercolor artist, and with Rupert  Garcia, Chicano artist.  She also studied photography with master  photographer, Allen Stross and at San Francisco City College and San  Francisco State University and continued her formal art education when she was awarded a scholarship to the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California.  Ella has had a number of solo and group shows and has received a number of  prestigious awards for her work. Her work has been shown in juried shows in New  Mexico; Idaho; Washington; Krakow, Poland and locally at the San  Francisco Women Artists Gallery.   Her awards include, Purchase Prize,  San Francisco Art Festival, Best of Show, San Mateo Art Festival, New  Brunswick  Bureau of Tourism, State of Alaska, Photography, Pacifica,  California, Photography.  She has several Merit Awards from the San Francisco Women Artists.  Ella states: “I try to portray in my work the area between life and reality and the  unreal or fantasy,  while still maintaining a sense of humor.  I find this leads me to collage, assemblage., sculpture, "shoe art"  and boxes. 



Susan Duhan Felix


Susan Duhan Felix lives in Berkeley, California and has been a serious ceramic artist for the last forty-five years specializing in ritual objects. Her work has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York City, the Craft and Folk Museum in Los Angeles, the Oakland Museum in Oakland, California and at Christie's in London, U.K. In 1986, she had a solo show at the Judah L. Magnes Museum in Berkeley and has a piece in its permanent collection. She has pieces in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Jewish History in Philadelphia, and her work is owned by the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles and the Jewish Museum in the former Soviet Union. She is currently the Art Ambassador for the City of Berkeley, a member of the Berkeley Cultural Trust, on the board of the Berkeley Arts Festival, and on the Cultural Plan Advisory Committee and has served on the Berkeley Art Commission for six years and as president for three of those years. She is a founder of the Jewish Arts Community of the Bay and served as its first Executive Director. In 1987 the California State Assembly passed Resolution No 1452 commending Susan Felix for her brilliant display of artistic talents and her exemplary record of community leadership. In 1989, the City of Berkeley honored her by declaring March 16th, 1989 Susan D. Felix Day and again honored her with the same award in 1999. In 1993, the Berkeley Commission on the Status of Women honored her as an Outstanding Berkeley Woman. Susan was selected for the special Millennium Edition of Marquis' Who's Who of American Women and has been in Marquis’ Who’s Who for the last three years. She was chosen by the International Biographical Center as one of the 2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century.  Her work is pit fired ceramic. Pit firing, one of the most primitive of firing methods, requires surrender of control over results. Susan states: “I surrender my artwork and control to fire and trust in what will emerge. ..Just as we can trust in the light returning on a daily basis, I have come to trust the possibility of powerful pieces emerging from the flames. I am drawn to the mystery and magic of the ancient and try to evoke similar responses in my art. The Hebrew words for faith, emunah and art, omanut come from the same root. My pieces represent the constant struggle to find the light amidst the darkness and chaos of our lives. “



Rinna B. Flohr


Rinna B. Flohr is an interior architect and designer who also is a floral designer and makes jewelry.  Her jewelry consists of bracelets, pendants and earrings that she calls “sculpture for the ear”.  Rinna believes that in a world where we have become so mobile and where we no longer have offices but cubicles, that walls have disappeared and that our bodies have once again become the pedestals for art as in times long ago when we wandered as nomads and wore our trophies and precious adornments.  She is also a floral designer and has had her floral designs exhibited in the Legion of Honor Museum and as part of the San Francisco De Young ‘Museum’s Bouquets to Art show.    Her floral art for this show uses silk flowers in arrangements she makes to compliment and express the artwork next to which it is placed,  as  in the San Francisco Bouquet to Arts Show .  This is one of the only galleries that features floral arts.  Her work is on display as part of Abundance and Joy. Rinna is also the founder and Director of Expressions Gallery. More of her earrings and floral art can be seen on her website:



Devon Gaster


Devon Gaster lives in San Francisco and is a florist and floral design instructor with 26 years experience in the Floral industry. He had his own retail floral store for 13 years and taught floral design classes in Hawaii and in San Francisco. For the last two years, he has been teaching classes at the San Francisco Flower Market. Devon Gaster presents his interpretation of Abundance and Joy as part of this current Expressions Gallery show. He will also be doing some demonstrations and classes at the Gallery and will Jury a couple of floral artists, student and public entrant floral art shows and contests during the run of the show. Expressions Gallery is proud to take the lead from the San Francisco Museums who have brought us the Bouquet to Arts Shows at the Legion of Honor and De Young Museums over the years and feature floral arts as another regular art form offered for viewing and sale in its Gallery and as part of its educational program.



Sofia Harrison


Sofia Harrison is self-taught, she started creating artwork in 1999 and since then has participated in numerous gallery and juried exhibitions in the bay area, with selected shows in New York. She lives and works in Napa and has been commissioned by clients across the country. Sofia uses glass and words with an entirely fresh perspective to create a mixed-media piece that is visually pleasing, intelligent and soulful. "I gather words in much the same manner as a painter mixes paints," she explains.  Magazine advertisements are her favorite source for words and phrases: "When taken out of context, they become either particularly funny or especially poignant." Her work embodies the collective thought patterns of our society: fractured but connected, expressing individuality, desire, spirit and reason. She affixes the words to the hand cut glass pieces and then attaches them to mannequins, boxes, sash windows, baby dolls and furniture. The framework chosen is often dictated by what she can, to put it plainly, garbage-pick. "I was driving in Berkeley and spotted an old stool half buried in tall grass in a vacant lot. I almost caused an accident by making a b-line to nab it." Now encrusted with verbiage, the work is entitled Tossed in Berkeley. "I love the process of reincarnation."



Paul Higham


Paul Higham comes to California from New Orleans, relocated here under the Gulf Coast Artists Hurricane Relief Program, an initiative of the Alliance of Artists Communities supported by the James Irvine Foundation. Through the Gulf Coast Project, the Alliance of Artist Communities supports and promotes the work of outstanding individual artists helping them to get reestablished. Paul does what he calls translation modeling, a method he developed for creating sculpture and wall art from the GPS waves, or the Dow Jones, or any immediate on-going data flow that can be followed on a computer. This data is converted into sculpture or images on paper or moving images on a screen that are virtually alive.  Paul’s view is that conceptual art captured by the still camera invented in the 1880’s is dead and this literally, is the wave of the future. Paul teaches about the history of art and its future, as a university professor.  Trained at one of the finest schools in the world, The Goldsmiths College of Art, London University, Paul offers us a glimpse into the future, as he gives us a picture of our world outside of our vision in which we live everyday. He makes the invisible, visible and interprets it into art.



Melanie Hofmann


Melanie Hofmann graduated with a BFA in Textiles from the California College of the Arts in 1996. Her home and studio are located in Berkeley.  She first explored the joy of creating art in pre-school and she has not stopped since.  As a teenager Melanie fell in love with fiber art,  specifically with weaving and dyeing fabrics. Three of her recent printed and dyed fabric pieces are in this show.  Melanie has received awards from the Taegu International Textile Design competition and from Manhattan Arts International.  Limited edition prints of her digital art are in the corporate collection of Lifescan, Inc. in Milpitas. This year, Melanie had a solo exhibition of textiles in the corporate lobby of 255 California Street in San Francisco. Melanie works with both textile and digital media. Her digital work primarily takes the form of limited edition prints, digital video and projected art for theatre and custom designed bracelets. Her work has been inspired by a number of artists including, Jean Miro, Rene Magritte and Magdalena Abakanowicz. She was also influenced by the artwork of her maternal grandmother, Zura Young, an abstract painter. Melanie seeks to convey through her work the interactive process with her media and a visual representation of her inner world.  She offers custom designed Italian charm bracelets with digital images of family or other photos incorporated, as well as bracelets featuring her art and the art by other artists in the show.



James Jarrett


James Jarrett was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He moved 18 times living on both coasts of the United States, and the Pacific Northwest where he has spent his summers since childhood. He was educated at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, Ca.  and later at the Neighborhood Playhouse,  New York, N.Y.  He has had a number of solo and group shows and  was exclusively represented by the Steele Gallery for a period of time. After living in Europe for 5 years, Jarrett returned to San Francisco. His paintings sell throughout the United States and internationally. Several prestigious private art collections continue to expand with Mr. Jarrett's work. 



Vesta Kirby


Vesta Kirby lives in San Francisco and holds a MFA from John F. Kennedy University.  Vesta’s experience includes a successful career as a corporate interior designer in the States and abroad. She has also taught art and painting in the past at the San Francisco  Art Institute Extension and the Academy of Art College and currently teaches Color Theory and painting at UC Berkeley Extension, the College of San Mateo and  out of her studio at Hunter’s Point Shipyard.  The majority of her works are inspired by natural phenomenon and the in depth study over many years of painting and the history of art. Vesta has spent much time in Europe: Paris, Bern and Greece and traveling through the Middle East.  She has lived in India and the Far East. While in Japan, she studied sumi’e and calligraphy brush painting with Japanese Masters in Kyoto. She paints in acrylic, watercolor and sumi’e ink.  Her works are in private, public, museums and corporate collections. She participates in numerous juried exhibitions, group shows and solo exhibits and is a member of San Francisco Museum of Art Artists Gallery.  Her Wave Markings works trace the tidal rhythms with Sumi’e ink and sand using the breaking tides as a vast printing press.  Primordial Awakenings series, which includes the work featured above entitled Dive Under II, manifests the energy and rhythms in nature conceived of and painted at a time when she was struggling to move on and get past some obstacle in her life and move forward and begin something new. 



Dave Kwinter


Dave Kwinter is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in Canada. He began making art more than 25 years ago. He has exhibited at the Fig Tree Gallery, where he held a solo exhibit, and the Nexus Gallery, both in Berkeley.Dave’s original interest was acrylic painting and collage, until he discovered computer art programs.  The principal  program that he and now uses is Corel Painter. Dave strives to create images that he considers interesting.



Shirley McNeal


Shirley McNeal is a local East Bay Artist who has been interested in art all of her life. She only began to study painting seriously in 1998 under Louise Smith and also studied watercolor painting with Julie Cohn and Nancy Backstrom. She has participated in four group shows: the Fig Tree Gallery in 2001, and Nexus Gallery in 2002, 2003 and 2005 in Berkeley, California. She paints with acrylics on canvas and watercolors on paper. She states that “the beauty of nature has always inspired me so that I am drawn to painting landscapes. I hope to convey the mood and allure of the beautiful places in nature that have special meaning for me.”



Dawn Ming


Dawn Ming was born in New York City. Her parents immigrated to the US from China.   She attended Ohio State University where she completed a degree in Fine Arts. She painted and exhibited in New York and Long Island where she lived and raised her family. When she retired to San Francisco, she took up printmaking. Dawn is a painter and a printmaker. She enjoys working with the richness and intensity of color and texture in oil painting; where, in printmaking there is the beauty of the paper and many techniques. The results can be varied and different. Her subjects are things from nature to images of her Chinese Heritage. As an artist, Dawn strives to make a picture bring pleasure to the viewer. Dawn Ming has won numerous awards. Her art can be found in private collections all over the US and world. At the 4th World Conference on Woman in Beijing, China  2 etchings were selected and exhibited in Moscow and then traveled all over the US and now in the achieves of The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC. A monotype was selected for exhibition at The Yerba Buena Center for the Art’s.  Her work can be seen at the San Francisco Women Artists and Oakland Museum Collector’s Gallery and currently at Expressions Gallery show, Through The Eye of The Artist where her landscapes are featured.



Laura Rattay


Laura Rattay is a local artist. She is self taught as an artist. She only recently started to make unusual purses out of cardboard and images she assembles. She has sold her work to local clients and other artists. She has chosen to use whimsical, seasonal images of abundance and joy for the purses she made as part of this show at Expressions Gallery.



Michele Rudenko


Michele Rudenko lives in Vallejo,  California and is a ceramic artist primarily working in the medium of American Raku.   Michele states:  “ After many year of expression through a variety of artistic media I found my true passion in ceramics, more specifically through the art of American Raku. I deeply appreciate the entire journey from its beginning as a quiet contemplative moment when I first press my hands into a mass of clay. What follows entails the design and crafting of a piece, it’s burnishing, bisque, glazing and then completing with the Raku firing and post firing reduction phase.  My work grows and expands, subjected to a vast range of influences. I love pushing the limits of the clay, experimenting with and fabricating new glazes and firing techniques.  American Raku is a specific challenge. While I can and do plan for a particular outcome, the very nature of Raku often creates a result that is surprisingly different from my original vision resulting in the unique power of each piece. Raku is a marvelous lesson in non-attachment, guiding me toward a deeper understanding of myself, the process and abundant possibility.” 



Sandy Ruhl


Sandra (Sandy) Ruhl was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Educated as an RN, most recently she has worked in oncology and cardiology research.  About 10 years ago Sandy discovered photography helped her to see more of the world and gave her a good reason to be outside and others, when viewing her photographs, said she had a “good eye.”  Sandy’s prints and slides have won awards in competitions at the Millbrae Camera Club, the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, the Mid-Peninsula Photographic Alliance, the San Mateo County Fair, and the San Francisco chapter of the Sierra Club.  Sandy has donated photographs to the Burlingame Public Library, the San Mateo County Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society and the San Mateo Sunrise Rotary Club.  She has taken slides for use by the Friends of Mills Canyon in educational presentations and has led two photography walks through the canyon.  Her prints have been on display at various San Mateo and Santa Clara county locations, including Filoli.  Sandy initially sought to record her impressions of natural beauty.  She now also seeks to capture “interesting” images wherever she finds them.



Helene  Sobol


Helene  Sobol was born and grew up in Norway. During her teenage years, her family lived in the outskirts of Paris, exposing her to a different culture with its richness in art and architecture. She was drawn to photography during this time and developed an interest in travel photography. Later, while working for the Norwegian State Department, stationed in Brussels, she met her future husband, Sam Sobol. They subsequently moved to Honolulu, where the tropical beauty of the islands offered new photographic opportunities, followed by San Francisco where she has resided since 1974. Having begun her studies at the University of Oslo, Norway, and continued at the University of Hawaii, she received her B.A. in Art History from UC Berkeley.  She also took photography classes and learned darkroom techniques. In 1979, she opened Images of the North, a gallery specializing in Inuit (Eskimo) art on Union Street in San Francisco. During the ensuing two decades, she devoted herself to the gallery and to her family, raising two children. She retired from her gallery in 2004 to pursue her longtime interest in photography and to develop collections for future exhibitions.  In the spring of 2006, she presented "Memories and Moods - Norway Revisited" at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle. As a member of San Francisco Women Artists, her work is included on a regular basis in their monthly juried exhibitions.  Helene's photography is versatile and includes people, animals, architecture, landscapes, and close-ups of nature. Her images are evocative and timeless, expressing special moments that reflect moods and feelings. Inspired by the beauty of nature, her images often reveal details that make for compelling and painterly compositions, some naturalistic, some abstract. In 2004, she introduced "The Bark Series" is a collection of close ups of tree bark, at the Botanical Garden Library in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Several pieces of this collection are part of the New Beginnings show at Expressions Gallery.



André S. Wagner


André S. Wagner was born in 1980 in Burgstädt, Germany. Trained as a photographer, he creates unique photographs of landscapes of his travels around the world. The photographs in this show are taken in India, Spain, Eastern Europe and New Zealand. The pictures are composed by means of long-term exposure and in some cases, the help of a fire-artist. His fascination is with light and the landscape. He photographs the natural movement of light and also creates light with fire kept under control. The fire artist wanders through riverbanks spinning a fireball at the end of a long baton. With long-term exposure, the fire appears to be dancing in circular patterns through the landscape producing a surrealistic effect of energy that when combined with the rotation of the earth as Andre puts it “leads man to delve into the mystic knowledge down deep in his soul.” Andre has entered prestigious competitions and has won several distinguished prizes. Perhaps the one of which he is most proud is the International contest 13 Hasselblad Austrian Super Circuit where he won a gold medal and thirteen recognitions. His work has been published in a book, in many magazine and other publications and in art catalogues. His unique gift is the sensual way of perceiving the surroundings. With his photographs he shares theses with us. As David Hernández de la Fuente, Author and Poet, Spain states, “The real journey is that of a man who is thirsty to travel towards his own center who leaves an unforgettable impression on the retina of a new view of the world and its elements."



Jennifer Wallace Mack


Jennifer Wallace Mack has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute.   She works in various media: painting, photography, mixed media, and jewelry. Her work is consistent in the quality and detail in each medium she applies.  She has exhibited at a number of solo,  and group shows, many of which were juried.  Shown at Expressions Gallery are her mixed media paintings and her magnificent jewelry.   Jennifer has served on various Board of Directors for long standing Artist Organizations such as the San Francisco Women Artists where she was a past President and continues n the current Board as Vice Treasurer and The San Francisco Gem and Mineral organization where she is currently Treasurer. 



Sarah Whitecotton


Sarah Whitecotton’s interest in Art began in her formative years. She went to private schools and immersed herself in fine arts and theatre. Her formal training began at the University of of Miami, where an influential teacher, Eugene Masson encouraged her to pursue a career in painting.  As a sophomore, she spent the summer in Oaxaca and Mexico City where she became familiar with Mexican muralists -- most significantly, Rufino Tamayo.  She completed her B.F.A. at the University of Oaklahoma and later moved to California and took additional courses at the Art Institute and CCA.  She has received various awards and recognitions through her participation in juried shows.  Her mediums included painting in acrylics, cassein and prints. In the late 80’s she developed Epstein’s Barr Syndrome and had to give up working with chemicals and concentrated for a while on Monotypes and then had to give that up to focus on painting in oil pastel, acrylic and collage. She states, “ In all my art, especially from the ‘90’s on, I am expressing my life and communicating how I see and feel about the world around me.  In “Roots” pictured above,  the tendrils of these organic forms are going down into the ground to take root as I am moving in January and looking to put down new roots as part of another new beginning for myself.”



Leslie Winokur


Leslie Winokur began her art career in the 1970s as a ceramic artist working in porcelain.  She sold and exhibited her work nationally, appearing in places such as the Hartford Art School, Hartford CN and the Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, Rochester NY.  Later, while pursuing a career in education and raising a family, she studied botanical drawing and watercolor painting.  Botanical imagery and travel sparked her interest in photography, which eventually led to the production of a body of work manipulated in Photoshop.  She often embellishes her photos with a variety of traditional painting media such as watercolor and pastels.  In addition to photography, Winokur paints, working in a wide variety of media including watercolor, acrylics, pastels, oil paint, oil pastels and colored pencils.  Her work has been exhibited in juried shows and two paintings were recently purchased by the Alameda Country Art Commission for display in a public building.  Her work in the current show is part of a series entitled “January Light.”  The photos were shot in the late afternoon using a traditional 35mm SLR camera, and scanned into Photoshop. The manipulations in Photoshop were done with the intention of emphasizing the particular quality of light found at a certain time of the day at the beginning of the New Year. Glass objects were used as the vehicle to photograph the light, which is the subject matter of the pieces.  The artist prints each piece using archival quality ink and paper; each is part of a limited edition of 25.  



Suzanne Yee


Suzanne Yee began formal art training at the age of 10 with the Saturday Art Program at the Carnegie (now Carnegie-Mellon) Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has pursued independent study of the human figure ever since. More recently she studied anatomy at the San Francisco Academy of Art and credits her teacher, sculptor Thomas Marsh, for presenting anatomy in the context of the living, active body. She has participated in East Bay Open Studios and in several group shows in Berkeley.She begins a painting by first sculpting anatomical studies in clay and plaster. In the oil painting she then creates a timeless space for the figure, without props or costumes, a setting of light, shadow, boundaries and openings. She currently works in three series: The Duo series are 2-person compositions regarding male and female, intimacy and trust. The Anatomy paintings are about a universal principle at work in the human body, the same creative will by which species and ecologies evolve. The Refraction paintings are studies of different colors of skin under different colors of light; they concern this-worldly beauty, beauty that doesn’t last but is worth noticing while still on this earth. What these series share is a view of the human body as the soul’s artistic medium and as a work of art itself, the beginning point of our experience in this life.


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