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Artist Biographies -
And All That Jazz
July 8-27, 2006

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Zwanda Cook


Zwanda Cook is a Bay Area Artist who expresses herself through dance and more recently, sculpture as shown here.  She works in both clay and paper mache .  She finds clay very earthy, spiritual and sensuous.  Her background in dance and costume making and her exposure to music, and admiration for musical talent, as well as, coming from a very artistiic family,  influenced her interest in art and selection of the human form and music as the subject of her art series called the Musician Series.  Zwanda holds an AA Degree from the College of Alameda and attended San Francisco State College and the College of Marin where she studied dance painting, drawing and jewelry making.  Her work in clay and paper mache is self taught.  She has exhibited her work at the Marin County Fair and won honorable mention in their juried show; Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross, CA., the College of Marin and the Finley Art Center, Santa Rosa, Ca.  Zwanda conveys her love of music and the dance and her admiration for the people who crossed her path who also love their music and their dance.



Barbara de Groot

Painter and Printmaker

Barbara de Groot is a local Berkeley Artist and teacher of art who works in various types of media such as monotypes, as shown here; Chine Colle with other media; Wood Block prints; Linoleum Block prints; Mixed Media Collage;  Drypoint ;Transfer Methods painting and drawing.  She was an Art Major in Hunter College in New York, where she learned basic printmaking under noted printmaker, Gabor Peterdi and later attended Academie Goetz in Paris, France where she learned many of her specialized printmaking skills.  Her work is in many private collections and has appeared in many exhibits in various galleries here and abroad and is archived in the Women’s Museum in Washington, DC and in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C..  The work pictured here has a playful quality to it.  It seems the music lifts the spirit and brings lightness,  joy and abandon to life.



Rinna B. Flohr

Floral Arts and Jewelry

Rinna B. Flohr is a jewelry and floral arts designer. She has studied floral design under Ron Morgan.  Her floral designs are made either of silk, dried flowers, mixed plant materials or fresh flowers, or a combination of several.  Her floral art has appeared in the Bay Area Galleries and in numerous restaurants, office building lobbies and store windows.  Her floral art was part of the Goldyne Exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum and she was selected to participate in the Bouquets to Art show held at the De Young Museum to promote the show by placing her floral art in store windows in Union Square in San Francisco.  As a member of the flower committee of the San Francisco Museums, she periodically does the large urns in the front lobby of the Legion of Honor.  Rinna also graduated U. C, Berkeley as an Interior Architect and Designer and has designed a number of local interiors.  She began doing floral design as part of staging the properties she completed.   Later she became more interested in the textures, patterns, colors and statements that could be made by floral art and saw it as assemblage art.  Just as is done in the Bouquets to Art show, she pairs with artists to interpret the message she reads from their work.  Her floral designs are for rent or sale. Restaurants, Hotels and Health settings especially appreciate the rental program since the flowers look so real but are made from silk and rotate monthly but are allergy and bug free.



Paul Higham

Sculptor, Translation Modeler and Printmaker

Paul Higham comes to California from New Orleans, relocated here under the Gulf Coast Artists Hurricane Relief Program, an initiative of the Alliance of Artists Communities supported by the James Irvine Foundation. Through the Gulf Coast Project, the Alliance of Artist Communities supports and promotes the work of outstanding individual artists helping them to get reestablished.

Paul does what he calls translation modeling, a method he developed for creating sculpture and wall art from the GPS waves, or the Dow Jones, or any immediate on-going data flow that can be followed on a computer. This data is converted into sculpture or images on paper or moving images on a screen that are virtually alive. Paul’s view is that conceptual art captured by the still camera invented in the 1880’s is dead and this literally, is the wave of the future. Paul teaches about the history of art and its future, as a university professor. Trained at one of the finest schools in the world, The Goldsmiths College of Art, London University, Paul offers us a glimpse into the future, as he gives us a picture of our world outside of our vision in which we live everyday. He makes the invisible, visible and interprets it into art.



James Jarrett

Mixed Media and Painter

James Jarrett was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He moved 18 times living on both coasts of the United States, and the Pacific Northwest where he has spent his summers since childhood. He was educated at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, Ca.  and later at the Neighborhood Playhouse, New York, N.Y.  He has had a number of solo and group shows and was exclusively represented by the Steele Gallery for a period of time. After living in Europe for 5 years, Jarrett returned to San Francisco. His paintings sell throughout the United States and internationally. Several prestigious private art collections continue to expand with Mr. Jarrett's work.

His mixed media painting is entitled Hollywood Noir.



Janice Meyer Kirkpatrick

Watercolor and Pen and Ink

Janice Meyer-Kirkpatrick was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and immigrated to the Bay Area as a child in 1981.  She retained vivid images of tribal African Art and the energetic pulse of Africa.  In her senior year of High School, she won the Capitol Arts Program Award initiated by Senator Jackie Speier. She earned an AA degree from the Community College of San Mateo and her BFA degree in painting and sculpture from San Jose State University in 1993. She has exhibited in the Bay Area with a one-woman show and in many group shows and coffee houses. She has sold her works both privately and publicly for the past 10 years. Her work combines the strong colors of African culture with a definite lyrical and musical influence.



Athens Kolias

Textile Art

Athens Kolias known as Athens K Designs, lives in the Bay Area and handcrafts elegant and whimsical purses. A veteran of the fashion accessory world, Athens started designing her handbags as an answer to the need to carry some essentials when she went out dancing...She uses many wonderful fabrics collected over the years. These include fabrics from the window displays of the high-end fashion and interior design worlds. All her bags are made individually, with no purchased handles.  All Zippers are embellished with either a tassel or a bead or something interesting.  Linings are just as important as the visible side of these purses, and many times present a whimsical design sense.  Tassels, beads and dangles frequent these artful wrist bags.



Rafeal Landea


Rafael Landea is a local Bay Area Artist who came to the United States from Argentina. His works are e;xhibited and admired in galleries around the world.  He captures the movement and energy of dance in a number of his series of paintings:  In the high wire acts of “The Argentinas ” in the romantic close-up of “Arms” , in the embrace of the couple seen through their windows in “ Rear Window “, and in the picture of the couple practicing the “Tango”.  Much of Rafael’s work relates to the theatre in which he has been active as an artist.



Jennifer Wallace Mack

Painter and Jewelry

Jennifer Wallace Mack has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute.   She works in various media: painting, photography, mixed media, and jewelry. Her work is consistent in the quality and detail in each medium she applies.  She has exhibited at a number of solo,  and group shows, many of which were juried.  Shown at Expressions Gallery are her mixed media paintings and her magnificent jewelry.   Jennifer has served on various Board of Directors for long standing Artist Organizations such as the San Francisco Women Artists where she was a past President and continues n the current Board as Vice Treasurer and The San Francisco Gem and Mineral organization where she is currently Treasurer.  Jennifer has an eye for detail she can work in minute scale with tiny beadwork or large scale with paintings. She has a desire to and accomplishes finding new ways to use the tools of her art to create beautiful and out of the ordinary pieces of work.  Her jewelry is jazzy and her paintings that are part of this show, are done over sheet music which emerges from the background.



Patricia Meyer

Pen and Ink and Painter

Patricia Meyer graduated with a BFA from The University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. She studied ceramics with Vaughn Scott, and etching with Guiseppe Cattaneo, artist and lecturer in fine arts, and lithography at San Francisco State University. She exhibits two works as part of the show, And All That Jazz, at Expressions Gallery on exhibit from July 8th –27th.  Bolth are assembled from idle sketching done while listening to jazz and music at various Cafes. The two works here are very casual and the artist frames the very moments she was unable to sit idle as her artistic inspiration and need to express her experience took over to capture these images on paper. Patricia Meyer has exhibited in major galleries and museums throughout South Africa where she gained considerable recognition. In California, she has had one person, two person and group shows. She has been written about in various articles and she has numerous commissioned art sales, two of the most notable were a Watercolor and a Pen and Ink study of a home, the San Francisco residence of the Consul General for France and the ORT Commission, pen and ink.



Udi Peled


Udi Peled is a local artist whose work has been purchased for exhibit at the Berkeley Jazz School.  In addition, his work adorns many a catalogue cover for UC Berkeley.  He has
shown his art at various select galleries.  Born in Israel, and now living permanently in the United States, Udi has been enamored with American Jazz Greats and his excitement and passion for this music and its performers is captured in his art.  Blending expressionism with a style based on raw talent, Udi’s versatile works are a favorite amongst local art collectors.

He is available for commissioned art works as well as the artworks that are displayed at Expressions Gallery.



Rachel Perkoff

Film Art

ANOTHER LOST ANGEL is a feature-length documentary in process about the poetic life and violent death of Kat Perkoff: writer, runaway, drug smuggler, bar owner, local icon… and my older sister. Comprised of archival footage, interviews, and "dreamlike recollections", this film began as a personal journey of sibling loss and quickly grew into a full-scale investigation of a life lived on the margins. ANOTHER LOST ANGEL explores notions of fate, identity, and memory as well as the seedy world of the New Orleans lesbian mafia subculture of the 1970’s. Rachel Perkoff was born and raised in New Orleans, moved to New York to study theater, and has worked in New York as an actor and director for many years. She returned to her hometown of New Orleans several years ago to make sense of her sister’s death, where she began filming ANOTHER LOST ANGEL. Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Rachel has woven together her sister’s untimely demise with that of the city, honoring a culture, time, and place that are disappearing. Expressions Gallery in Cooperation with the Alliance for Artists Communities, Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief Project that is sponsored by the James L. Irvine Foundation in San Francisco, features this artist from New Orleans. New Orleans was the birth of the blues and of jazz and seems a fitting partner in an effort to support talented guest artists who are struggling to get back on their feet and create art after losing everything in the Gulf Coast Hurricane, Katrina. The Alliance, the nation’s only service organization for artists’ communities and residency programs, is a very collaborative group and represents a range of residency experiences, from urban based programs to more remote locations.

ANOTHER LOST ANGEL is a work-in-progress, currently in postproduction. This project needs your support. For more information about how you can make a tax-deductible or in-kind donation, contact Rachel Perkoff at



Kimiko Sakuma

Mixed Media, Painter and Crafts

Kimiko Sakuma is inspired by jazz and interprets its energy and vibrancy into a visual art form  through the use of images associated with the jazz scene and the use of bold lines and strong colors that make you hear the tones, rhythms and sounds when you view her art .  She holds  a B.A,  from the University of California, Los Angeles in World Arts and Cultures and a M.A. in Instructional Design from San Francisco State University. She is currently the Artist and Founder of Work Art World (, a program incorporating Art within the office and cubicle space. Her work is currently in various office buildings throughout Southern California.  Kimiko has been an Art Editor
for Tea Party an Arts and Culture Magazine and a promoter of Japanese Folklore for Miko Dolls.  Despite a strong Japanese Cultural Background, she finds the American Jazz Scene captivating and invigorating and a source of artistic inspiration.



Jim Stipovich


Jim Stipovich is a photographer who lives in the Kensington, Ca. and works with medium format cameras (Hasselblad and Rolladex) and all black and white film using natural light to create these startlingly unique photos. He processes them by hand in his private darkroom.  Archival prints are silver gelatin.  These photos were taken of Jazz Greats in the late 60’s and early 70’s.   Jim began photography at age 15. In high school he worked as a photojournalist for the Humboldt Times/ Standard in 1962, while also attending photography classes at Humbolt State College. From 1965-1970,  Jim was an undergraduate a the University of California, Berleley. He studied photography under Margaret d’Hammer and Ruben Samberg, majoring in design Design/Photography.  He was editor and art director of The Pelican, an on campus magazine. Post college work included a fellowship at Anatoila College, in Thesolonika, Greece, and work as a freelance photographer and professional black and white darkroom technician.

Jim creates vital, direct pictures of people and places that grab the eye of the viewer.  His ability to capture detail and definition with high resolution in low light situations is captivating.


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