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2035 Ashby Ave. Berkeley, California, 94703

Ways to be Involved with Expressions Gallery & Price List:

Enter a Gallery sponsored show:

  1. There is a small entrance fee per item for juried shows.
  2. There is a requirement to assist with gallery sitting/staffing or activities.
  3. When there is a sale, the proceeds are split with 60% to the artist and 40% to the gallery.
  4. What this includes:
      1. Gallery promotion of the show to public
      2. Post Cards sent to your friends, mailing lists and gallery mailing lists.
      3. Hanging the show
      4. Display of your artwork for the length of show at gallery
      5. Display of your artwork on Expressions website
      6. A show opening party
      7. Insurance
      8. Cleaning

Sponsor a show:

  1. A group of artists may rent the gallery and sponsor the show.
  2. All advertising costs are born by the group.
  3. Gallery staffing is supplied by the group.
  4. Opening party is sponsored by the group.
  5. Gallery reserves the right to review work to be exhibited.
  6. All gallery hanging requirements must be observed.
  7. Group must secure insurance.
  8. Group must secure liquor license if liquor is to be served.
  9. Gallery will provide cleaning prior to entrance and weekly.

Offer classes:

  1. Space is exchanged for salary.
  2. Profits are split 60/40 with 60% to the instructor and forty to the gallery.
  3. Gallery will promote activities.
  4. Tuition or Admission fees must be charged.


Space Rental: The gallery spaces may be rented for approved activities. Contact Gallery for rental fees and requirements.


Volunteer: Volunteer to hang a show, gallery sit, or just be part of the events and activities of Expressions gallery. Call Rinna to sign up:  510-644-4930.


Artist Membership:

  1. Expressions Gallery is interested in developing a group of artists whose work will be shown on a regular basis and who will be entered into Juried shows four times a year.
  2. Priority will be given to exhibiting existing member’s works
  3. Membership fees are $50/year


Public Membership:

  1. The public is invited to join the gallery as a supporting member and will be given priority for reservations for various events, classes, and openings.
  2. Any purchases will entitle a member to a discount of 5%.
  3. Any events or classes will be discounted 5%.
  4. Public Members will receive a regular newsletter.
  5. Public Membership fees are $25/year